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Water is essential to our operations, and water supply challenges can have a significant impact on how we operate. We have a responsibility to actively manage and reduce our water use wherever possible.  

Customized Solution

Abdullah Technologies is a startup which aims to provide an amazingly engineered product to its potential customers to make their life easier in a way of saving time, money and precious natural resources. We consider that not every individual faces the same challenges therefore we customize our product according to your personal requirement to overcome these challenges. We use our maximum resources and expertise to provide you the best customized solutions.

Feel free to contact us and avail our product services for residential, commercial, irrigation and industrial systems.

Water Level Indicator & Controller

Water Level Indicator & Controller  is  a  device which indicates water available in the tank in percentage and gallons and automatically control switching of electric motor/pump to maintain a desired specific level of water.


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We believe to provide good services to our customers with feedback after service. We know customers have very important role in growth of any organization. So, we consider our customer as fuel for our business to keep maintain it for long time in our journey. As world is circular, so we have to come again and again to the same point to give its solution with more latest and enhanced way. In this way, we also know the importance of permanent customer.


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